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Do you accept commission work?
Generally I do not accept commissions. I prefer to work from my own reference materials, be they photos or field studies, and I enjoy the process of editing a scene to create the best possible painting. Often in commission work, the client expects a photo-realistic copy of the scene, something I don't enjoy doing and that won't necessarily make for a successful painting. It is always my intention when painting to to produce a work that portrays my connection to the scene and my love of the medium I choose to paint in.

Can I put a painting on layaway?
Absolutely. If you want to set up a monthly payment for a painting you would like to own that is easily done. Simply contact me with the information regarding the painting you wish to purchase and we can design a payment plan to work for you. If the painting is in my possession you can make your monthly installments by clicking the Services button near the top of the home page, fill in the boxes (amount and notes) and send the payment via paypal. I will gladly hold the painting, and ship it to you once it is payed off.
For payments on a work at a gallery you should let me know of your interest and I will contact the gallery and make the necessary arrangements and let you know how to proceed.

Are all your works done "en plein air?"
No. While I enjoy painting outdoors and have sold many plein air studies, these works are usually a part of the preliminary work of information gathering for a later painting to be done in the studio. Before starting a painting, I collect reference materials like photos and field studies (plein air paintings) to prepare myself for the final work. I don't like using anything but my own references and I prefer to paint subjects I have personally experienced.