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Andrew Duclos Fine Art

I truly enjoy painting with oils. I like the thick creamy texture and the workability of the medium. I also like that oils have a forgiving nature. Living in Oregon's Umpqua Valley I am in my element, considering it to be a landscape painter's dream. My art is about providing a place of rest and beauty to help balance our often hectic lives. I hope the works I share can bring a quiet joy to the viewer and remind them of their personal connection to the beauty that surrounds us.

I consider myself a realist in the sense that I want to share the feeling of reality, the warmth of sunlight, the energy of water and the thrill of a moment of awareness. My goal is always to create a visual language that is both concise and effective and in the end, that engages the viewer and allows them to become a part of the experience. I invite you to browse the various galleries and add your personal experiences and memories to these moments in time that delighted me, and made me want to paint them. I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.

Upcoming Gallery Shows

Wood, Water and Oils
3 Artist Show featuring Andrew Duclos, Debi Bates and Dick Worthey
PLEASE NOTE: Change of Dates
The show will run from Friday April 2nd to Friday June 4th, 2021
Umpqua Valley Arts, 1624 W. Harvard Ave. Roseburg, OR
Contact: 541-672-2532